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BOLO3 Group, Safety & Survival Consulting

BOLO3 Group is a minority, service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that provides safety consulting and training in the areas of aviation, general industry and construction safety. BOLO3 Group also provides land based and underwater egress training that dramatically increases the chances of survival for those that are faced with life threatening situations.

BOLO3 Group is dedicated to providing world class services to our clients. We offer our services at competitive prices through the Western United States.

Full Service On The Job Safety Training

Successful companies know the importance of safety in the work environment. Custom tailored OSHA Safety training will save your company time and money, but the most important benefit of safety training is that it SAVES LIVES!

Our former federal OSHA Compliance Officers will audit your work site and identify problem areas that may become OSHA violations during an inspection. Our consultants can be present during the regulatory inspection process and our consultants will work with your company to reclassify citations and reduce fines.

Safety starts with preparation and planning. We customize a training program to fit your needs in aviation safety. Our aviation safety training includes regulatory compliance, human factors, error management, quality assurance and safety management systems.

Safety training remains of utmost importance even outside the world of construction and aviation. Whatever industry you are in, BOLO3 Group consultants will be able to assess the safety environment of your company and assist with safety program development, mock-inspections, and any potential issues that may exist in the event of inspection or assessment.

Survival In Any Terrain or Situation

BOLO3 will provide survival training and consulting in the areas of helicopter and surface vehicle underwater egress training; egress from buildings and structures; long and short term water surface survival techniques with or without related equipment; as well as desert, Jungle and cold weather survival training.

Would you know how to respond if you found yourself trapped in an aircraft or vehicle that has plunged into a river, canal or ocean? It is in these situations that every second matters and without the right training you could be wasting precious time! Let us help get you equipped to deal with any water crash.

It's time to get equipped for survival and that includes building egress training. Disasters happen and emergency plans must be determined long before, in order to have the greatest opportunity for survival.

We help to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to handle the elements of the wilderness for ultimate survival. To survive in the jungle, desert or mountainous landscapes you must be trained to handle anything. Your survival depends on your knowledge of the terrain, basic climatic elements and your will to survive. We help to ensure you are prepared for any situation.