Beth Ashe -Director of Operations

IMG_20131123_122428_359Bethany Baldwin Ashe, Beth, is Director of Operations for BOLO3 group and left active, reserves in 2006 as a Marine Corps Major. Beth is a graduate of the Marine Corps PLC program, and was the 1st female Officer to be awarded the “Gung Ho” award from TBS. Beth served on active duty as an Air Traffic Control Facility Watch Officer while earning her ATC Specialist pink card, and worked extensively with 3rd MAG in the operations department, in numerous operational and training assignments. She specifically worked with the flight hours program for on the MAG helicopter squadrons, as well as MCTEEP.  She separated from active duty in 1997 and moved to Anchorage, Alaska to pursue civilian interests.

Once in Anchorage, Beth started flight training, earning her commercial pilot’s license in less than 1 year. She subsequently gained employment with Era Aviation as a Part 121 airline pilot, flying the DHC-6 Twin Otter throughout south central Alaska, experiencing the uniqueness of the environment.  Mountain flying and severe cold weather flying were the norm, where a lack of an extensive road system ensures air travel is a necessity. After a short time in Alaska, she re-affiliated with the reserves and served as a PWST Officer. She was recalled to active duty in support of OEF II and was acting Inspector/Instructor, Echo Co. 4th Recon BN. While serving as a reservist, Major Ashe was recognized by the Naval Academy for her unique ability to connect with students, and became a USNA Blue & Gold Officer. In 1 year, she tripled the number of qualified applicants to USNA from Alaska, earning her the Commandant’s Award for Excellence.

A native of Springville, NY, she is a 1993 graduate of Penn State, where she co-founded and was the Captain of the PSU Women’s Rugby team, that has accumulated 8 National Championships. Along with her military decorations, Beth has several personal awards including: Lifetime Achievement Award from PSU Rugby Alumni Association, and 2nd place American Model & Talent convention. She is a multiple “Tough Mudder” competitor and marathon runner.

Beth has been a lifeguard, swimming instructor and is a champion swimmer, specializing in the butterfly. In her spare time, Beth enjoys “PT” at every chance and is an avid hunter, having hunted Elk, Moose and Alaskan Dall sheep.

In addition to her airline career, Beth has had several rewarding collateral careers that included: fitness instructor, public school teacher, TV commercial spokesperson and fashion model, and she was a world famous Hooters girl!

Beth is an MSWET device specialist and is committed to the BOLO3 mission providing essential egress training to military and civilian personnel. Beth believes in survival through tireless practice and preparation.

Beth lives in central Pennsylvania with her aviator husband Dave “Elwood” Ashe (CDR USN Retired) and 2 daughters.

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